Botulinum protein aka "Botox"

keep the lines away and the glow at play

     Healthy skin has a natural bounce to it, thanks to tiny support beams underneath called collagen and elastin.  Over time, these small fibers are lost thanks to sun, stress, diet, age, etc.  This loss of support leads to less bounce and more sag.  Two sorts of wrinkles can form when we lose collagen and elastin - dynamic and static wrinkles.  Dynamic wrinkles are formed by natural muscle movement and expression.  For example, even children have forehead lines when they raise their eyebrows.  Dynamic wrinkles are what give our faces expression and allow others to read our emotions.  They are normal, helpful, and often a beautiful part of our appearance.

     The problem for us, however, is that as skin loses bounce and muscles get stronger over time, these dynamic wrinkles can form static wrinkles which become etched in the skin.  Once there, static wrinkles are harder to treat!  Enter botulinum protein, which offers a way to weaken muscle movements, soften dynamic wrinkles as seen in these before and after pictures, and most importantly prevent static wrinkles from forming.  When botulinum protein is injected correctly and in a correct dose, the results still lets you express yourself too! When it is further combined with good skin care, collagen production can be increased to improve bounce, skin can be rejuvenated to minimize static lines, and a healthy fresh glow can be restored!  In other words, you can be you again!

*individual resuts may vary*

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