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physician-administered aesthetic medicine
in cherry hills village, colorado

safe, effective, doctor-prescribed

keep-MD is a female physician-owned and physician-operated haven for patients committed to feeling good in their own skin.  Doctor Berger started keep-MD in response to her own wish to find highly-professional and highly-skilled care where she could erase the damage the crazy work days and crazy stress balancing working-mom life placed on her appearance.  She was disillusioned with the options available to her in the Denver metro area, where injector training seemed optional and treatments seemed like a one-size fits none approach.  Her concept of evidence-based, highly-skilled, and highly-customized care was born. 

Image by Toomas Tartes
Image by Kait Herzog

on a mission to restore, not augment

While current "medspa" culture is obsessed with pushing a particular external definition of beauty, keep-MD is dedicated to helping our customers restore their own individual, unique beauty.  Each patient that walks through the door, will leave with an individualized plan outlined by Doctor Berger and Dr. Goloback, and in line with their own personal goals.  Each treatment can then be customized and  performed by the doctors directly, keeping the plan and the patient's wishes in place.  If a treatment doesn't line up with those goals, it isn't pushed!  And if a treatment is considered, our doctors will ensure that each client understands the rationale behind it's use!  Trusting your skin to someone else is intimidating enough.  keep-MD is dedicated to demystifying the process, gaining trust, and embracing individual graceful aging.

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