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natural beauty comes from within,

let us help you keep it glowing

   keep-MD is a physician-owned and operated haven for patients wishing to commit to looking and feeling their best!  Doctor Berger started keep-MD in response to her own wish to find a place where she could erase the damage that crazy work days, crazy babies, and crazy amounts of stress placed on her appearance, body, and mind.  Current med spa culture pushes "improving your appearance" and "fighting aging", often embracing an external vision of what is beautiful rather than embracing individual unique beauty.  Many wellness operations pushed expensive treatments that didn't seem based on sound medical need.  Doctor Berger was looking for a place that would simply help her restore her body inside and out, improve skin and body health, and embrace graceful aging as the gift that it is: another year of a beautiful life. keep-MD was born from a desire to commit to caring for one's whole self, and empowering others keep their glow.