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dermal fillers

     When we're born, we have these lovely little things called "fat pads" which give our faces support and structure.  Our skin and facial muscles enjoy the benefit of layering on top of these cushions in our youth!  We all know about these fat pads as "baby fat" but we don't appreciate them for what they truly are: the buttresses of our face. 

     Unfortunately, like many other parts of our body these fat pads weren't designed to survive into our 80s.  Instead, we start to lose them by approximately 1 teaspoon/year after the age of 35.  What is left also starts to get pulled down the face by this lovely thing we call gravity.  This loss and descent is accelerated in some of us by sun exposure, weight loss, physical activity, etc.  The end result is that the support of the muscles and skin is lost.  Our skin starts to sag and our faces start to look deflated.  Those cheeks our grandmother's used to pinch shrink down and fall down, becoming those jowls that we all love to hate.  

     Lucky for us, dermal fillers exist people!  Dermal fillers are a group of injectable substances that can be places strategically in the face to replace the lost fat pads of our youth.  The most commonly used fillers are called HA fillers (Restylane® and Juvederm®) because they are made of a sugar found naturally in skin called hyaluronic acid.  There are lots of different HA fillers which vary in how dense/strong or soft/pliable they are, and these different HA fillers are used in different ways on the face as a result.

     We've been trained to be afraid of fillers because there are practitioners (especially in the past) that use them to fill lips and lines in a way that looks "over done".  Dr. Berger's mission is to convince you that fillers are an opportunity to look fresh and "untouched", as seen in these before and after photos.  When done right, fillers balance, not alter your features!  Dr. Berger focuses on using dermal fillers to replace what was lost, rather than to change the unique beauty that is there.  The result is simple, it's you!

keep the volume, your face will thank you

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Fillers are soft, gel-like materials injected under the skin to replace volume or fill wrinkles in the face.  The most common fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar found naturally in skin which helps keep skin hydrated and plump. Depending on their make-up, HA fillers can  last 4 months to over a year before being gradually absorbed by the body.  One of the main benefits of HA fillers is that they can be dissolved by a special solution in the case of an adverse effect, or an undesirable aesthetic outcome.

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Dermal fillers are FDA approved to help with aesthetic corrections like:

  • age-related volume loss of the cheeks

  • loss of definition or thinning of the lips

  • correction of moderate to severe etching and folds in the skin

Dermal filler injection benefits also include:

  • little downtime (bruising/swelling)

  • immediate results that are reversible and temporary and thus can be adjusted over time

  • excellent safety track record

Candidates for dermal fillers:

  • are in good overall health

  • have realistic expectations

  • don't have a history of autoimmunity or cancer

  • don't have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scar

  • don't have a bleeding/bruising disorder

  • are not pregnant or breastfeeding

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  • are not currently on blood thinners

  • have no acute infection or inflammation over the site to be injected.

  • have no allergy or hypersensitivity to product or to lidocaine mixed in product

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