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keeping your skin healthy is a team effort

   Integral to any form of skin health is truly excellent home skin care.  Doctor Berger only has the opportunity to touch and treat your skin once a month...if she's lucky.  You on the other hand have the chance to touch and treat your skin at least twice a day!  Investing in medical treatments designed to restore your appearance but then not maintaining that care at home is like only showing up to class for the test!  If you want to ace your face, commit to caring for yourself too!  Doctor Berger is a firm believer in the power of a good medical grade skin care regimen for protecting and promoting the work she and her clients are putting into themselves.  As a result, Doctor Berger helps her clients to create a personalized home care "keep sake" that will continue to work outside the office.  You work every day, burning the candle at both ends to care for everyone else in your life. Take the opportunity to care for yourself!  Your skin will repay the favor!

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