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Doctor Goloback

    As a proud fifth-generation Colorado native and Emergency Department Physician, Dr Goloback has dedicated her career to serving the diverse needs of her community. Graduating Phi Beta Kappa from University of Colorado with a degree in molecular and cellular and developmental biology, followed by her Medical Degree at Rush University in Chicago, she completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Northwestern University, where she garnered honors for leadership and teaching. Since returning to Denver, Dr Goloback has spent the last decade working in the Emergency Departments at both St Joseph Hospital and Denver Health, where she most notably received the peer nominated recognition as a 5280 top doctor in 2024. 
   Dr. Goloback’s background is rooted in saving lives and addressing emergent medical needs, providing compassionate care in critical situations. As an Emergency Department Physician, she has dedicated countless hours to the urgent needs of patients, navigating high-stress situations with diligence and empathy. While fulfilling, over time, Dr Goloback found the demanding nature and lifestyle of the emergency department did not allow her the adequate time for self-care or to truly fulfill her most important role as mom.

    Shifting her focus to wellness and placing an emphasis on the revitalization of skin health, Dr Goloback is excited to be joining Dr Berger at Keep-MD. She has actively pursued professional development in the aesthetics field by participating in comprehensive training programs and obtaining nationally recognized certifications. Additionally, she has gained invaluable insight training with physician experts in both cosmetic aesthetics and plastic surgery to hone the specialized skills necessary to ensure personalized and gratifying results. 
      As a part of Keep-MD, Dr Goloback strives to create a welcoming and empowering environment where patients feel heard, supported, and confident in their journey to achieving their skincare goals. Maintaining her deep-rooted passion for patient care, she combines her medical knowledge with a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of every patient. Her training and experience have equipped her with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence.  She is dedicated to restoring wellness through skin health and facial balance with a personalized approach to medical treatments. She believes that skincare is not just about surface level improvements but is integral to overall health and self-care.

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